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Quarter century of our history and reached experience during this time gives us the right for the self-confident statement: we know the secret of the Perfect temperature. Our industry is developing but we have always been at the top of cooling industry development, newest technologies and also the related legislation understanding. Check-out bellow how we spent together our first 25 years:

  • 1991

    Launch of the business in the industry of cooling technologies with a company name KONTRAKTSERVIS - predecessor of PRAGOPOLAIR.

  • 1994

    Establishment of the company PRAGOPOLAIR s.r.o. (Ltd.) led by two gentlemen, owners and executive directors Mr. Soumar and Mr. Čermák. Beginning of the premium brands REFCO (Switzerland) and RIVACOLD (Italy) import and their distribution in the Czech Republic.

  • 1995

    Takeover of the current site in Benátky nad Jizerou and transfer of the main company seat to the new address Pražská 592/10, Benátky nad Jizerou.

  • 1998

    Reconstruction of the Benátky nad Jizerou site and rebuilding of warehouse halls were completed.

  • 1999

    Implementation of the first important foreign project in Aksay, Kazakhstan (5m CZK).

  • 2000

    Broadening of the wholesale offer with cooling units and air conditioning – brands YORK and ARTEL.

  • 2002

    New warehouse building – hall of 126 m2

  • 2004

    Warehouse extension of fully air conditioned area with size of 52 m2

  • 2005

    Beginning of the PUR isolation panels sale and an extension of chilling boxes offer from ISOMEC company.

  • 2006

    The main warehouse hall with 162 mof size was built.

  • 2007

    Number of owners was reduced to 2 – company is owned by Mr. Soumar and Mr. Čermák only.

  • 2008

    Division of assembling cooling technologies to industrial buildings started. First executed project for major regional company ŠKODA AUTO a.s.

  • 2010

    Beginning of cooperation with important customer AGC Automotive Czech a.s. (cooling of clean area, value more than 8mCZK) and collaboration on project KS Kolbenschmidt Trmice – hall no. III foundry and workmanship (4m CZK).

  • 2011

    Project “head office ŠKODA AUTO a.s. – Pentagon“ Mladá Boleslav (delivery and assembly of air conditioning during reconstruction of 2nd and 3rd floor - in total 60 indoor and 5 outdoor cooling / air conditioning units (7m CZK).

  • 2014

    Extension of the customer base in the field of “unique solutions” in cooling technologies (f.e. LINDR – delivery of chilling boxes and technology or DRAGON in the field of air conditioning and heat recuperation of new office building).

  • 2016

    PUR panels´ supplier change, transition to the Italian brand MARCEGAGLIA.

  • 2017

    Delivery of chilling boxes with technology from RIVACOLD to 115 stores of Penny market chain (6m CZK).

  • 2017

    PRAGOPOLAIR was taken over by the new owner, company PH PROFIT, s.r.o. (PH PROFIT Group owned by Ing. Pavel Herman).

  • 2018

    Launch of the new company website and start of a wholesale e-commerce support.

  • 2019

    Launch of our new e-shop, completion and handover of the project VAFO (Brit) Cicenice (PIR panels for halls and boxes, cooling and freezing technology), reconstruction of offices in Benatky n. Jizerou.

Perfect temperature.


We have been devoted and committed to the cooling and heating technologies for 25 years now. We know that the feeling of a thermal comfort is fundamental for all human being actions. The thermal comfort or discomfort are the feelings that we constantly perceive - anywhere and during every single activity. It needs a kind of balance between the temperature that human emits to his surroundings and the heat or cold of the surroundings. The human body cannot naturally regulate his own temperature, so we have to adjust the temperature around us to reach the required thermal comfort.

Every degree is important – and not only for humans but also for majority of activities we deal with every single day. Even the original Latin word „temperatura“ should be correctly translated as „pleasant feeling“. And this is our goal.

Our mission is to create and manage the ideal and Perfect temperature. We also know that it is not just about the temperature itself, it is a complex and exiting challenge to reach the thermal comfort which delivers our pleasant feelings.


Satisfaction of all our customers, long-term collaboration and mainly steadiness and transparent behaviour of our company PRAGOPOLAIR at the Czech market – these are the main reasons why we can be proud of our implemented projects and also our respected customers. You can find some of our important customers below – you can ask them for any references related to our cooperation. If you are interested in any special recommendations on a specific type of project, we will be happy to provide them. You can also have a look on some of our project executions via the “Our offer” link.

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